December-January, the happiest month of the year

December-January, the happiest month of the year

The happiest month of the year in the religious Zoroastrian calendar is the 10th month called “day.” The tenth month starts in mid-December and lasts till mid-January, for an exact thirty days. In Zoroastrianism, each day is assigned to an angel or brilliant thought of ahúrá mazdá (See Yasna 16.)

For ahúrá mazdá is the “Gd-force of genius, vision and extraordinary mind-power;” and the powers of his spirit/mind are his luminous angels who preside over all points in time and space.

When the name of the month and day coincide there is cause for much celebration and festivity. And the tenth month has more of such celebrations than any other month.

The festivals (when the name of the month and day coincide) are on December 16, December 23, December 30th, and January 7th.

The second most important and joyous thanksgiving festival or “maid-yaar,” begins on January 31 and ends on January 4th. Maid-yaar literally means “mid-year” and refers to the middle or heart of the winter. For in ancient times, the years and the wheel of time were counted by the passage of winters.

On or about January 20-21 is the most beloved yal-daa or winter solstice celebrations. In less than 40 days or on January 24 is the great festival of fire or cardæ (literally freezing “cold” also known as cadæ.)

And December 26th is the Memorial Day for the ancient Aryan Prophet Zarathushtra.

The 10th month is called “day” or daðváv in the Avesta, the month of the “creator, the giver, the all gifted.”

daðváv comes from the root dá “to give, grant, offer.”Compare with Latin data, datus, dare; Old Church Slavonic dati “give,” Lithuanian duonis “gift,” Old Irish dan “gift, talent,” Welsh dawn.

In the Old Persian/Achaemenid calendar, 10th month (December-January) is called A-NĀMA-KA. The term a-náma-ka means literally “un-named, full of mystery, anonymous, unrevealed” and refers to the creator, the all gifted GD of wisdom, vision and unrevealed mind-powers.

Make sure to have a joyous celebration this month and take full delight in the un-named and yet to be unleashed powers of spirit/mind of the all gifted.


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