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The language of the Immortals and the third &10th hymn of the Gathas

The third hymn of the poetic gathas/songs of Prophet Zarathustra start with the words at tá vaḵšiia išentö “In this day, of the words of power, I shall speak.”  Vaḵšiia comes from the root vač/vaḵš “voice, word.” In the gathas, … Continue reading

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Ahura Mazda as the Giver of Gifts, Odin’s rune Gebo, and the virtue of responsible generosity and giving

In the ancient Germanic runic alphabet*geƀō “gift” represented “generosity and giving.” Geƀō was a rune of Odin as it expressed Odin’s role as the Gift-Giver.  The exchange of gifts was a sacred tradition of the Indo Europeans. While the ancient … Continue reading

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