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Good spirit/mind, brilliant disposition of the gods, vohu manah

Prophet/seer Zarathûštrá equated the “spirit, energy, mind, mood, temperament and disposition” manö of godhood with “goodness, betterment and brilliance” vôhü. Zarathûštrá called this “brilliant spirit” vôhü manö –“good instinct, superb sense, good intuitive mind.” Avestan vôhü manö is equivalent to … Continue reading

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Zarathushtra as Erešiš “Seer/Prophet”

Óðinn, the supreme Æsir of the Norse religion is called a “seer/prophet, one who has sacred visions, a god who has true knowledge, shamanic, spiritual wisdom.” A similar linkage of ideas, with different vocabulary, can be found in the ancient … Continue reading

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