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Ayāθrima (coming to shelter,) the Zoroastrian autumnal thanks giving festival

In the Zoroastrian sacred calendar there are 6 great festivals. These 6 festivals that mark the “proper or propitious points in time” are called yáirya ratvö (right or advantageous times of the year) in the Avestan lore. The autumnal thanksgiving … Continue reading

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Autumnal equinox, Mehregan, a time to reaffirm our allegiance and friendship with the Immortals,

The Avestan*Miθra-kāna, modern Persian Mehrägān is an ancient Zoroastrian Autumnal festival, closely connected to the equinox, and dedicated to Miθrá (reciprocity, mutual bond, friendship with the Gods.) The celebration of Baga Miθrá in the 7th month of the Achaemenid calendar … Continue reading

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