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Veneration of Immortals, and the Concept of Intercession in Zoroastrianism

The concept of making an appeal to the “Auspicious, Brilliant, Immortals,” “hallowed god powers,” “pristine archetypes,” and “luminous blessed spirits,” to INTERCEDE on behalf of mortals is among the prominent beliefs of the Zoroastrian faith.  In Zoroastrian worldview, there is … Continue reading

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Pætat, Fravarti, and Parsi New Year

The last 10 days before the Zoroastrian new year are dedicated to “the spirits of valiant warriors/ancestors,” known as fra.varti. According to Bernfried Schlerath, the word is derived from the root √var- “choose,” with *fravarti being an acclamation—a “choosing forth—” of … Continue reading

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Old Avestan riddle poems and the essence of the Immortals

The Váršt-mánsar commentary of Yasna 28.7 states that through the melodious songs of mąθrá “poetic thought, sacred word,”  Zarathustra, ( and those who follow his luminous vision,) connect to the “very own/self” of Mazda, the “Lord of Mind, Inspiring Creativity, … Continue reading

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