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Atar, átarš, the hearth fire, fires of industry, the link between heaven and earth

November 24 marks the festival of fire in the Avestan calendar. In the Avestan speech, fire is átarš or áthrö. Átarš denotes “fire, heat, energy and especially the sacral and hearth fire,” concerned with increase of produce, prosperity, pets and … Continue reading

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An ancient Avestan formula for the divine aid

Jasa mae avang-hæ mazda is the Zoroastrian call for “divine aid and good fortune” from Mazdá, the supreme god of mind-will power and creativity. The formula literally translates into “Come to My help/advancement Mazda.” Avang-hæ meaning “help, advancement, favor” comes … Continue reading

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Steward kings and scholar priests

The Avestan evidence and the evidence from several early Indo-European societies like Hittite, Vedic, Roman, Celtic, Germanic––suggests that the kingship of rulers originally was an ELECTIVE stewardship of the realm. The construct of a ruler/king is given legitimacy by the … Continue reading

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House of Music/Songs, the Garö-demánæ of Ahuras

In the poetic gathas and ancient Zoroastrianism, the highest heaven is a house or abode of music and songs called garö demánæ. Avestan garö…dá, Vedic gìras …dhā, reconstructed Indo European grh-dh-o all refer to “melodious singing and musical harmony of … Continue reading

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