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Avestan Airyaman, Irmin-got as a name of Odin and the Irish Éremón

The poetic gathas start with the most sacred ahü vair.iiö formula the “will to become godlike” and conclude with airyémá iš.iiö, the “noble, lofty ideal ” literally the “Aryan wish, desire, aspiration.” Airyá “honorable” was a term that the ancient … Continue reading

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Sirius, the Orion belt and the Avestan Tri-star, Tištar

  During maiðiiö-šam “mid-summer” celebrations, circa two weeks after summer solstice, the festival of ti.štr.iiá or tristar is observed in the Avestan calendar. Ti.štr.iiá is the brightest and most glorious of the stars in the Zoroastrian sacred lore, and is … Continue reading

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The principle of action and the impulse of health/vitality in Zoroastrianism

Zoroastrianism is a faith based on the principle of vigorous activity called šiiaöθaná in the Avetsan. Šiiaöθaná is the dynamism of action/motion, the transfiguration of thought into form, the projection of the spirit/soul onto the existential world. In other words, … Continue reading

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