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mazdá or ma(n)zdá, the GD of Genius; the norse rune mannaz, greek métis and vedic medhá

Mazdá or more accurately Ma(n)zdá (with a nasal “a;”) is the Avestan word for “Genius, Creativity, Vision and Wisdom.” The seer/prophet Zarathushtra proclaimed Mazdá to be THE Ahúrá; the superb FORCE or the POWER SUPREME of the the worlds. “ahúrá” … Continue reading

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The Concept of Time in Mazdyasna and the Yasna ceremony

The Avestan Passages of Yasna tell us that Time has two essential aspects: the Time without shore, (Zarvaan-akarnä), eternal Time; and long lasting or limited Time (Zarvaan-darenjö). The unlimited Time is an ASPECT of ahúrmazd illimitable consciousness, superb genius; which is also expressed … Continue reading

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