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The five daily prayers/namáz/nemö and the Month of Bahman in Zoroastrianism

The origin of the five daily meditations/namáz, and the eternal spirits/angels associated with them are to be found in the Süd-kar Nask of Gathic commentaries on Yasna 32.16, second stanza of the third line. i should emphasize that angels in … Continue reading

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To make true/realize wonder & beauty; ashá/artá, Vedic ŗtá

“ashá” is a fascinating concept in Zarathushtra’s teachings, and is the most repeated in the enchanting Gathas or the poetic songs of the seer/prophet. Yasna 27.14 or “ashem vohü” manthra is dedicated to ashá, and is the second most effective … Continue reading

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Sraóshá, Inspiration, Intuitive Feelings and Divine Poetry

To us Zoroastrians Sraóshá or the “angel of inspiration” is very dear. Sraóshá comes from the root “sru;” to hear O.E. hyran, O.Fris. hora, Du. horen, Ger. hören, to hear, listen, to notice, feel. The vedas or the books of … Continue reading

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