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Cosmic order and the concept of Sin in the poetic gathas

Zoroastrian religiosity is not slavery to a despotic god. It contains none of the commandments of a downtrodden slave to his all-powerful lord. Zoroastrian jurisprudence and morality comprises rather the confiding fulfillment of a mutual community between Immortals and god … Continue reading

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Vah or Vahmæ, sacred awe of inspiring creativity, cosmos and the life force

  The common Avestan term for the sacred is speñtá “sacred, auspicious, splendid with the life force” corresponding to svętŭ in Slavic. Another term in the Avestan that has to do with the sacred and hallowing in particular is vahmæ from the … Continue reading

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The Sarmatians. Ancient Zoroastrians, Haplogroup I and the Croat Origins

  The Iranian and/or the Iranian-Caucasian origin theory of Croats and Serbs date back to the 1797. It was the doctoral dissertation of Josip Mikoczy-Blumenthal. With this work he became the founder of Croatian Iranian origin theory. According to him … Continue reading

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The Siberian Ice Maiden and the Zoroastrian Maternal lineage

The Siberian Ice Maiden Devochka is a mummy of a young Scythian woman from the 5th century BCE, found in 1993 in a kurgan of the Pazyryk culture in Republic of Altai, Russia. The mummified remains of the “Ice Maiden,” … Continue reading

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Zarathustra and the promise of an eternal spring of the Immortals

The ancient Aryan Prophet Zarathûštrá was born on the 6th day after the Spring Vernal Equinox. In the Avestan calendar the 6th day of each month is dedicated to the god-force of “health, hail and every healing formula” called haûrvatát. … Continue reading

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