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The Barshanöm of the 9 nights and Óðinn’s discovery of the runes after full 9 nights

Barshanöm is the most important Zoroastrian purification rite. Barshanöm consists of full 9 nights of solitude, ritual purification and reflection. The 9 nights of seclusion rite is primary to gain insight and wisdom. The purification rite is invoked against the … Continue reading

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Indo-European Ashem “Virtue, Excellence” NOT Hebrew HaShem “the Name”

The Indo-European, Avestan word ashem (Vedic ऋतं ṛtaṃ) comes from the root ashá/artá, “excellence, brilliance, luminosity, virtue” (Compare with Greek arête,) has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the Hebrew term HaShem. Traditionally in Judaism, the four-letter name of God is NOT pronounced during … Continue reading

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