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Animal sacrifice, and the condemnation of the ancient Prophet/seer Zarathushtra

It is common among many religious traditions to offer animal sacrifice or to kill an innocent animal for the perceived wellbeing and longevity of the supplicant. The innocent victim could be a sheep, a cow or even a poor chicken … Continue reading

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Paitiš-hahya the end of summer thanksgiving holiday

Paitiš-hahya is the name of the 3rd out of the six Zoroastrian thanksgiving festivals, marking the end of summer. Paitiš-hahya literally means “towards the harvest.” This auspicious holiday falls almost a week before the autumnal equinox, starting on September 12th … Continue reading

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Thus spoke Zarathustra on offering protection/refuge

The poetic gathas are the sacred, inspired poetry of the ancient Aryan Prophet Zarathûštrá and in Yasna 46.5 and 46.6 he addresses the issue of offering protection, refuge to the good and virtuous. We read in Yasna 46.5: ýé vá … Continue reading

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Patet, Pondering back to the beginning and introspection

Patet (pronounced correctly as patît) are 10 or 18 days of “reflection and pondering” before the ushering in of nauv-rooz or the new-year. The word patît comes from the Avestan paiti and means: “on the way to, in the direction … Continue reading

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