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Rune EIHAWZ, the yew tree, and the Zoroastrian scarlet tree

The yew tree figured prominently in ancient Germanic legal and ritual symbolism. References to yew tree appear in sacred ritual and legal texts of the pagan Germanic people, perhaps because of yews evergreen properties and extraordinary longevity. For example, the … Continue reading

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Fravahar/Fravar, the Valkyries, and the Parsi Mukhtad Rites

The last ten-days at year’s end, are the “All Hallows or All Saints Festival” in the Zoroastrian calendar, dedicated to fravašis or fravars “Valkyrie-like beings” who are the “pristine prototypes of the creation.” The festival shares many features with Celtic pagan … Continue reading

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Immortality, Tree symbolism in the Zoroastrian sacred lore, and the tree of the mythical falcon/eagle Simorgh

Trees specially evergreens and ancient trees are the symbol of Immortals in Zoroastrianism. The link between trees, “Immortality and deathlessness” ameretát is established in the poetic gathas, See Yasna 51.7. The original gathic poetry reads as follows: apas-čá ûrvarávs-čá ameretátá … Continue reading

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