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The warrior’s goal “to transcend and overcome limitations” in the poetic gathas and Zoroastrianism

In a previous article we talked about the common term for “battle/combat” in the poetic gathas, and how the word for “battle” ýáh (iáh,) and “warrior” ýáhî (iáhî) actually refers to “heroic struggle/wrestling” and “hero and/or one imbued with the … Continue reading

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Battle in the poetic gathas, ancient Zoroastrianism, and comparison with the Norse einherjar

An inherent sense of struggle for the sublime in the face of the forces of decay is characteristic of Zoroastrianism. Mazdyasna is a faith rooted in the unshakeable will power to “overcome, excel, and transcend,” to unleash/awaken the Titans or … Continue reading

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