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Why do bad things happen to the innocent and the good???

The question of “Why do evil and misfortune befall the innocent and the good???” is an old age question, and in a limited sense it’s true. It is not uncommon to see the plight of the good compared to the … Continue reading

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The time of Zoroaster/Zarathúshtrá and the Zoroastrian influence upon biblical worldview

From the earliest days, Zoroastrianism—the ancient religion of the Aryans, whose adherents worshiped Ahúrá Ma(n)zdá  (“the GD of Genius; bright, boundless Mind/Spirit”) and his luminous angels (the brilliant aspects of Ahúrá Ma(n)zdá’s superb mind/spirit) who battled Añgrá Mainyü  (the afflicted, … Continue reading

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Freedom from fear in the poetic gathas

There is fear of failure, fear of loss, disease and death, fear of darkness, fear of the Unknown. Fear is deeply rooted in our subconscious. Even if we overcome it rationally, it still lurks in the dark, hidden lairs of … Continue reading

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