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Vohu manah, heaven of dazzling thoughts and the feeling of awe/wonder

January 16th marked the festive holiday for Vôhü Manö (awe-inspiring spirit/mind.) The second day of each Avestan month and the eleventh month are sacred to Vôhü Manö. Vôhü Manö consists of two parts. VÔHÜ coming from the root vah, from … Continue reading

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To expand one’s horizons; the legacy of the ancient Aryan Prophet Zarathushtra

Each year on December the 26th we commemorate the passing of the ancient Aryan prophet Zarathûshtrá. Since his message is all about “wisdom, luminosity and light,” there is NO room for gloom and mourning in his religion. Instead we focus … Continue reading

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The happiest month, the month of the Creator

The name of the tenth month of the Zoroastrian calendar is DAY. It is the happiest month of the calendar. It starts on December 16 and ends about January 14. The name DAY comes from the Avestan daδváv/daðváv “creator.” Daδváv/daðváv … Continue reading

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