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calm contemplat​ion/medita​tion, the daughter of vision and wisdom, “ármaiti, and mazdá”

     We read in the poetic gathas of the prophet, line four of Yasna 45.4, that “ármaiti” is the “dúgedá” of Ahúra Mazdá. ármaiti means “perfect contemplation, composed, calm reflection” (búndak manishní,) and is related to the modern Persian “aramesh.” “ármaiti” … Continue reading

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FIRE as the Prodigy of Ahúra Mazdá and Heraclitus idea of logos and fire

We come frequently across a phrase in later Avesta, namely ” átarsh púthrä ahúra-hä mazdáw.” This phrase has been commonly translated as ” fire the son of Ahúra Mazdá.” The word translated as “son” is “púthr/púthrä.” Modern farsi words such … Continue reading

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