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The Zoroastrian Midsummer celebrations, and the sacred Three-Star

This year, the Zoroastrian mid-summer festival “maidhyö-sham” started on June the 29th, and was concluded on July 3rd. The Zoroastrian midsummer festivities are closely associated with  Tištriia, literally the “three-star”(the “triangle constellation of Canis Major,) or more specifically ”the brightest star … Continue reading

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Zoroastrian Wáj and Indo-European *Wékwos 

Wáj or Báj, is an “Avestan formula of benediction,” which serves to invoke Gods/Immortals favor upon life activities via sacred speech.  Wáj/Báj must be recited in the words of the Avestan language that exude great power.  The term wáj is derived from … Continue reading

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