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Ancient Zoroastrian practices regarding Hair cuttings, Nail parings, and ancient Norse parallels

The treatment of hair cuttings and nail pairings in traditional, ancient Zoroastrianism is a very controversial subject among modern Zoroastrians. The ancient Zoroastrian customs surrounding hair cuttings and nail pairings are especially a thorny theme for great many Iranian Zoroastrians … Continue reading

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Creation in the Poetic Gathas, and Ancient Zoroastrianism

Unlike the Book of Genesis, which is the religious sourcebook of Judeo-Christian Civilization, in the Poetic Gathas of Zarathustra, the Cosmos has already been made, and consists of the world of “thoughts, imagination, mind energy” mainyü, and the world of … Continue reading

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Ayāθrima (coming to shelter,) the Zoroastrian autumnal thanks giving festival

In the Zoroastrian sacred calendar there are 6 great festivals. These 6 festivals that mark the “proper or propitious points in time” are called yáirya ratvö (right or advantageous times of the year) in the Avestan lore. The autumnal thanksgiving … Continue reading

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Autumnal equinox, Mehregan, a time to reaffirm our allegiance and friendship with the Immortals,

The Avestan*Miθra-kāna, modern Persian Mehrägān is an ancient Zoroastrian Autumnal festival, closely connected to the equinox, and dedicated to Miθrá (reciprocity, mutual bond, friendship with the Gods.) The celebration of Baga Miθrá in the 7th month of the Achaemenid calendar … Continue reading

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The Myth of the overnight islamization of the ancient Zoroastrian Iran

Modern revisionist Moslem historians, and scholars such as the late Ayatollah Motahari, have attributed the fall of the mighty Sassanid Empire, the last native, Zoroastrian Empire of ancient Iran to the “simplicity, clarity and class equality of the monotheistic Islam.” … Continue reading

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Ancient Zoroastrianism, Dialectical or Dualistic Monism

Dialectical monism, also known as dualistic monism, holds that all reality consists ultimately of one substance, and that this one substance expresses itself in terms of dialectical or opposing forces. The sacred poetry/songs of Zarathustra teach that the magic substance of all … Continue reading

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Ancient Iranian Agriculturists, Hittite DNA remains, and the earliest Indo European languages

An extensive research by David Reich, a geneticist at Harvard University, strongly suggests that there was a migration of AGRICULTURALISTS into northwestern India from what is now Western Iran/Zagros Mountains, around 4000BCE. This migration was followed two millennia later around … Continue reading

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