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Auspicious Immortals and mortals destined for immortality

June the 25th is the feast of IMMORTALITY “ameretát” in the Avestan Calendar. In the Indo-European poetry it is a basic feature of the god beings that they are “immortal and destined for eternity.” Ameretát “immortality, deathlessness” is one of … Continue reading

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Mazda and the Inspiring Mind-Power of the Muses,

Mazdá is the Ahûrá/Æsir par excellence in Zoroastrianism. Mazdá is the essence of godhood and all the ahûrás/æsir are different aspects, virtues, powers of Mazdá. Mazdá and/or Ma(n)zdá (*mens-dheh-) incorporates the Indo European noun *mens of the stem ménos “mind-force, passion, spirit, will … Continue reading

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Zoroastrianism; faith/belief in the ahura, æsir

The Zoroastrian worship implies a focus on faith/belief in the Ahûrá or Æsir. The Zoroastrian formula of faith ends with the words ahûra-tkaæšö “the teaching of the original god-powers.” Ahûrá or Ahûrö means “lordship, supreme ability, artful command to bring … Continue reading

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Tištar, Orion’s Tri Star, the luckiest star in firmament

July 1st was the festival of Tištar, literally “Tri Star,” an astral god being or yazatá (worthy of adoration.) Tištar is the luckiest and most brilliant star in the night sky. The eighth song in the beautiful Avestan mythopoetic Yašt … Continue reading

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