Mazda and the Inspiring Mind-Power of the Muses,

Mazdá is the Ahûrá/Æsir par excellence in Zoroastrianism. Mazdá is the essence of godhood and all the ahûrás/æsir are different aspects, virtues, powers of Mazdá.

Mazdá and/or Ma(n)zdá (*mens-dheh-) incorporates the Indo European noun *mens of the stem ménos “mind-force, passion, spirit, will power, determination, resolve” and the verb dheh “to set, establish, do, create.” (Courtesy of Didier Calin)

Mazdá is thus “creative mind-force, power of the spirit/mind to devise/create, passion to innovate.”

In other Indo European traditions, the Vedic Varuna (the supreme god of virtues) seem to share many qualities and epithets such as Medha (mindfulness, insight) with Mazdá Ahûrá.

Medhá, “mind-power, creativity, imagination and vision” is the Vedic equivalent for Mazdá and occurs as an epithet of the most powerful god-beings in the Vedas.

Óðinn the greatest æsir in Norse beliefs is almost the exact same as the Mazdá Ahûrá of Zoroastrianism. Óðinn is the æsir, god power of “poetic inspiration, power of mind/passion and the renewal of memory.”

However, MUSES in ancient Greek lore are probably the closest in idea as well as etymology to Mazdá, the ahûrá par excellence in Zoroastrianism.

MUSES inspire music, melody and poetic measure. They are the primordial nine personifications of CREATIVE INSIGHT.

Muses are of one spirit/mind. It is believed that by calling upon and receiving the mind-power, wisdom/creative insight of the MUSES, a poet, seer or musician could transcend the ordinary bounds of talent and rise to unimagined, new levels of creativity and intuitive wisdom.

Mortal men who have been instructed by the Muses are raised aloft to heaven [ouranos], for creativity, imagination and the power of thought/mind lift men’s souls to heavenly heights; (Compare with Yasna 28.4, 1st rhymed verse line of the poetic gathas.)

The noun Μοῦσα derives from the Indo-European root *men-, “think, put in mind” in verb formations with transitive function and “have in mind, be mindful of, commit to memory” in those with intransitive function.

This is reflected in the mythological relationship of the divine Muses with μνημοσύνη in the sense of “poetic recall,” the skill of making song and poetry through the power of mind, memory and imagination.

The Muses—collectively “the mind/intent/spirit” of the seer-poet begin and end with forms of *men-/mneh2- and/or *h2u̯eid- in the Homeric Hymns.

Muses are invoked at the beginning of various lyrical poems, so that the Muses give inspiration or speak through the seer-poetic verse/measure.

In conclusion, I have to state that Mazdá “creative mind-power, innovative spirit” is the magic stuff of the æsir, and what the Vedas call ásurasya māyáyā (See RV 5.63.7 “magic of the ásuras.)

Prophet Zarathûštrá revealed that “the passion/power of mind, the creative insight” is the essence of godhood.

Mazdá, Medhá, MUSES or Óðinn are all passion/mind-power unleashed, the power of the spirit to do, create and triumph.”


For all those who might be interested, the term Medhá equivalent of Mazdá is mentioned at the following verses in the Rig Veda.

1.018.06c     saním medhā́m ayāsiṣam

2.034.07d    saním medhā́m áriṣṭaṃ duṣṭáraṃ sáhaḥ

4.033.10a     yé hárī medháyā ukthā́ mádanta

5.027.04d    dádan medhā́m r̥tāyaté

5.043.13a     ā́ dharṇasír br̥háddivo rárāṇo
5.043.13b     víśvebhir gantu ómabhir huvānáḥ
5.043.13c     gnã́ vásāna óṣadhīr ámr̥dhras
5.043.13d     tridhā́tuśr̥ṅgo vr̥ṣabhó vayodhā́

7.104.06c     yā́ṃ vāṃ hótrām parihinómi medháyā

8.006.10b    medhā́m r̥tásya jagrábha

8.052.09d    stotúr medhā́ asr̥kṣata

9.009.09c   sánā medhā́ sánā súvaḥ

9.026.03a   táṃ vedhā́medháyāhiyan

9.032.06c   saním medhā́m utá śrávaḥ

9.065.16a     rā́jā medhā́bhir īyate

9.107.25d     medhā́m abhí práyāṃsi ca

10.091.08a   medhākāráṃ vidáthasya prasā́dhanam


In Rig Veda 7.087.04a, Varuna is also called medhira “full of passion, mind-power and wit” uvāca me váruṇo médhirāya.


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