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Perpetual Hearth Fire of the Zoroastrians and the Ancient Indo-European word for the PEOPLE

Traditional Zoroastrianism accords an important place to the hearth fire in home. The holy fire in the Zoroastrian temples and places of worship are lit from the fire brought forth from the hearths of the various community members. The hearth … Continue reading

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the name of the four seasons in avesta

Following my previous article on the “ancient Avestan calendar,” i was asked about the name of the seasons in Avesta and the Zoroastrian scripture. Before answering the question, I would like to thank all of you for taking the time … Continue reading

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Ancient Avestan Calendar

The Zoroastrian tropical solar calendar, known as seasonal or Fassli is one of the oldest calendars as well as the most accurate solar calendar in the world. This ancient calendar also provides a comprehensive summary on the key beliefs of … Continue reading

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