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Trees, Truth and Prophecy in Zoroastrianism

In the Zoroastrian religion, Trees are earthly embodiments of Ameretát “Immortality, Deathlessness, Life ever-lasting.” Specifically ancient trees, evergreens and healing herbs exemplify Immortals and Immortality. Zoroastrian Priests are enjoined in the Avesta (book of hidden, unknown wisdom) to hold sacred … Continue reading

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Parsi New Year and Midsummer Nauvrooz Celebrations

According to the Avesta (book of unknown/hidden wisdom) “hamaß.path.maiðya” or Vernal Equinox marks the beginning of the religious year. The Avestan term “hamaß.path.maiðya” refers specifically to the precise moment when the celestial paths (Avestan path) are at an equal/same length … Continue reading

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Zoroastrianism and democracy

Zoroastrianism and democracy These days, it is very common to come across the preposterous portrayal of present-day modern ideas and values into depictions and/or interpretations of the ancient Zoroastrian wisdom. Such approach instead of depicting the ancient Zoroastrian sacred poetry … Continue reading

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