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ahúrá, æsir, asúrá

ahúrá, æsir, asúrá ahúrá is the designation of SUPERB POWER, GOD-FORCE in Zoroastrianism; and is an inherited ancient Indo-European term. It is equal to the Norse/Scandinavian  “æsir,” and the early Vedic asúrá. Unlike the Old English word god (and Old … Continue reading

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Why Darius, the name of ancient iranian/persian emperors is popular in Poland

Many Polish boys are named Dariusz, and the name is still  extremely popular as a boy’s name in Poland today. Darius” is the name of three Ancient Iranian/Persian rulers, notably Darius the Great, Persian/Zoroastrian emperor 521-485 B.C.E. The name literally … Continue reading

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To know/delight the soul of the living Gaia

The first verse of the poetic gathas concludes with the following words: “yá khnevíshá gé.úsh chá úrvánem” “To know, to delight, to please” (khnevíshá) Compare with Proto.Germanic. knoeanan German kennen, erkennen and in part können; The Anglo-Saxon cnawan. “the living … Continue reading

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