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Ancient Avestan Calendar

The Zoroastrian tropical solar calendar, known as seasonal or Fassli is one of the oldest calendars as well as the most accurate solar calendar in the world. This ancient calendar also provides a comprehensive summary on the key beliefs of … Continue reading

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To make true/realize wonder & beauty; ashá/artá, Vedic ŗtá

“ashá” is a fascinating concept in Zarathushtra’s teachings, and is the most repeated in the enchanting Gathas or the poetic songs of the seer/prophet. Yasna 27.14 or “ashem vohü” manthra is dedicated to ashá, and is the second most effective … Continue reading

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The enchanting doctrine of the Auspicious Immortals

Ameshá Speñtá is a beautiful gathic concept of profound importance. It refers to the eternal spirits of ahurmazd or aspects of his wit/profound understanding/mind/spirit. The term appears in the poetic Gathas as “Mazdá and his power supremes or ahurás/plural,” (See … Continue reading

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