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The islamic concept of jahilliya and the faith of pre-islamic Zoroastrian sciences and scholarship

Due to the ever-increasing enthusisasm of the iranian youth for their zoroastrian identity and roots; the vicious polemics against the ancient religion of the iranians is becoming louder and more vociferous in semi-official circles in ira…n. One of the often … Continue reading

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The Love of Animals and the Holiness of the Dog In Zoroastrianism

In today’s Iran, some ruling clergy teach that the love of animals, and especially fondness for dogs is a decadent, western value. Unfortunately , stray dogs are killed and abused. My purpose in this article is to show that that … Continue reading

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The concept of “úshtá;” GĀHĀNBĀRS and most important Zoroastrian festivals

Zoroastrianism is a most happy religion with many joyous festivals. The reason being that Zoroastrianism does NOT cherish suffering or lamentation, and considers doom and gloom as evil, (See the ancient Baghan Commentary of Yasna 31.20, Yasna 32.5 and Yasna … Continue reading

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