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Yasna 31.7 and Mind/Spirit as the basis of the universe

We read in the ancient Várshtmánßar commentary of the poetic gathas concerning Yasna 31.7 and the creation of the worlds: About establishing the universe through spirit/mind (maínögíg dahishna), through the original thinking power of Ahúrmazd (fratüm minishna í Aúhrmazd;) The … Continue reading

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Cosmogony and creation of the universe in the poetic gathas

The verses in the poetic gathas that deal with the creation of the worlds are Yasna 31.7, Yasna 31.11, Yasna 45.4 and the 2nd rhymed verse line of Yasna 51.15. I will address Yasna 45.4 in this article. We read … Continue reading

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