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Why Indra is a demon in the Avesta???

The preeminent god of the Rig Veda is Indra, preeminent as much by the number of hymns addressed to him as by the wealth of the myths about him. Some 250 hymns are dedicated to him, while he shares honors … Continue reading

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The Zoroastrian god-beings of healing, restorative powers and deathlessness and the Koranic Harut and Marut

Hárut and Márut are the name of two angels who taught mankind “every miraculous formula.” They are mentioned once in the Koran (2:96 [2:102].) The passage admonishes the Jewish people concerning king Solomon. The koranic verse states: “Solomon did not … Continue reading

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Mazdyasna, the religion of healthy mind/spirit and NOT the faith of a sick soul

In the seasonal Avestan calendar, May 25 marks the festival of haûrvatát. The Avestan term haûrvatát comes from the root haûrva and refers to “integral health, haleness or great health in all parts.” Haûrvatát is “wholeness of mind/body, good health … Continue reading

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