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SRAOŠA, Soroush “harkening to the songs/music of the Immortal Gods”

Sraôšá is a major yazata “adorable god-power” in Zoroastrianism. It comes about 8 times in the poetic gathas, and like all the other Immortals, appears both as an “abstraction/virtue” as well as an “individual ahûrá or god being.” Sraôšá means … Continue reading

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The Zoroastrian god of combat/victory, Vərəθra.ghna, Vahrám or Bahram

Vərəθra ghna is the great warrior god of Zoroastrianism and one of the principal figures in the Zoroastrian pantheon. In traditional Zoroastrianism, vərəθra.ghna is the MOST BELOVED of all the Immortals, for he personifies the “warrior spirit, great victory and … Continue reading

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Maiδyö.zarem or the MID SPRING festival

April 30th marks the beginning of the maiδyö.zarem  “mid-spring” festival in the Avestan calendar. It lasts for 5 days till May4th and is in essence a spring fertility ritual. Maiδyö is the Avestan word for “middle.” Zarem comes from Avestan zairi “fresh … Continue reading

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