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Spring Equinox in the Avesta, Fresh, New Dawn/light of Nowrouz, and the celebration of Dawn in Zoroastrianism

The exact moment of spring equinox is the beginning of the year in the Avestan sacred hymns. The Persian word Nauv rooz refers to the “new dawn/light” after spring equinox. The Avestan term for “vernal equinox” hamaß.paθ.maiδ.iia refers to the time … Continue reading

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Rune *ehwaz, Sun’s Chariot, and Horse imagery in the poetic gathas of Zarathustra

From the dawn of history the Indo Europeans, especially the ancient Iranians have celebrated the horse in their art and in their literature. Avestan hymns abound with praises of the horse (Swift horses were among the most desired boons bestowed … Continue reading

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