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The second hymn of the gathas, animal welfare and the spirit/will to enhance life

The second song/hymn of the poetic gathas start with the words ḵšma.ibiiá géuš ûrvá gereždá “To You (the Multiplicity of Immortals,) the soul of the primeval cow géuš ûrvá (personification of all animal life,) lamented/grieved gereždá. The “primeval cow” géuš … Continue reading

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Celebration of Equinoxes, Solstices in Zoroastrianism, and the sacredness of nature

April 30th marks the beginning of the Zoroastrian “mid-spring” festival. The mid-spring festival lasts 5 days and culminates on May 4th. Maiδyö.zarəm literally means “middle of greenery and flowers,” and refers to the “bright golden green color of spring flowers and vegetation.” … Continue reading

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Zarathustra, the ancient Indo European prophet, the rising of ahuras, and Spring Renewal

Zarathustra was the ancient Aryan poet/prophet whose birth coincided with the celebration of spring, new dawn and renewal of vitality. His philosophy and ancient poetry is as well based on the Celebration of life/light, the will to excel and thrive, … Continue reading

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