Yasna 31.7 and Mind/Spirit as the basis of the universe

We read in the ancient Várshtmánßar commentary of the poetic gathas concerning Yasna 31.7 and the creation of the worlds:

About establishing the universe through spirit/mind (maínögíg dahishna), through the original thinking power of Ahúrmazd (fratüm minishna í Aúhrmazd;) The above passage relates to mañ.tá paöúrúyæ in the gathic original, “the pristine formulation through spirit/mind, and the original measuring.”

Ahúrmazd first creating the universe in mind/spirit (Aúhrmazd dám fratüm maínögíg ávöridan), and after passing/undergoing of the spiritual stage, the physical making of the existence (ud pass ham stih kardan;)

And establishing the worlds by Ahúrmazd in mind/spirit, (Ud madam-ich dahishna í Aúhrmazd dám pavan maínög,) then from that their formation in the physical form (fraz bréhínídan zyash öl stih;)

And the blending, molding of mind/spirit into the physical form, (ud maínög öl stih gú-míkhtan;)

And advancing the universe thereby, (ud padash dám rúbág-ínídan;)

And harboring Vohüman and Virtue into the creation through his seer will/wisdom (ud pavan zak í ölá khratü Vohüman aharáyíh baén dám mahmání-hastan,)

Thereby spearheading all the good creatures into purity and happiness, (padash harvispa dám í neek öl avížagíh ud aúrvakh-maníh zakhamí-hastan.)

We live in a universe which emerges from the interplay of consciousness and physical reality, the mental/spiritual and physical realms. According to the poetic gathas everything comes down to consciousness/mind, meaning that all things physical are reducible to mind energy.

Consciousness or minoo is not an accidental by-product of the physical realm but is the primary meaning/purpose of reality. All is based on mind/spirit and it is consciousness that is at the very core of physical reality. Each creature in the universe is a creature of mind/consciousness. Every particle in the universe, each star, each one of the countless galaxies, every world not yet discovered, is packed with consciousness/mind.

That mind energy is always flowing, spreading throughout the endless worlds. Consciousness/mind literally shapes our universe and reality.

There is a Spiritual Wisdom/Seer Will (khratü) who created the worlds and through his beautiful mind/Vohüman and Superb Virtues, holds them all together, (See the 2nd rhymed verse line of Yasna 31.7.)


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5 Responses to Yasna 31.7 and Mind/Spirit as the basis of the universe

  1. rainlightningwind says:

    Dear Ardeshir,

    I have enjoyed many of your posts – thank you kindly for your efforts. I am curious as to whether there are any worthy English translations of the origin texts?

    Warm regards,


    • Unfortunately almost all the English translations are either too old and product of missionaries or the modern ones are tainted by pseudo-intellectual thoughts and a forced attempt to import 20th century values in to the text.

      • Yazdanifar says:

        So how can we learn the texts for ourselves? There are so little resources it is frustrating!

        Many thanks for your efforts! I enjoy your posts thoroughly.

        How did you manage to learn so much? Were you taught or did you learn yourself?

        I really wish to learn more myself.

  2. rainlightningwind says:

    ah ok, thanks 🙂

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