An ancient Avestan formula for the divine aid

Jasa mae avang-hæ mazda is the Zoroastrian call for “divine aid and good fortune” from Mazdá, the supreme god of mind-will power and creativity.

The formula literally translates into “Come to My help/advancement Mazda.” Avang-hæ meaning “help, advancement, favor” comes from the root ava, Vedic ávati “to favor, promote,” Runic auja “good fortune.”

It is said at the conclusion of many Avestan hymns to invoke the aid and good fortune of the heavens. It is not just a call to survive but to thrive!

May the friendship of Mazda and the adorable god-powers, the divine yazatas, purge our world from the forces of chaos, the blind, bottomless greed and endless self righteous stupidity that has given rise to the vile demons and their diabolic cult of gloom, limitation and death.


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1 Response to An ancient Avestan formula for the divine aid

  1. zaneta garratt says:

    I love this, wonderful advise to follow, very comforting, very true

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