The auspicious feast of khshatrá “dominion,” and the godliness of wealth

The auspicious feast of khshatrá “dominion,” and the godliness of wealth

August the 21st is the auspicious feast of khshatrá “dominion, power, abundance of riches and fortune” in the seasonal Avestan Calendar.

Avestan Khshatrá “having dominion over;” Sanskrit ksatra, Greek krasthai “to acquire” is one of the god-powers (ahúrás, æsir) of Ma(n)zdá.

Khshatrá is the key to all the kingdoms, dominion over all the realms, sway/rule, power over seen and unseen worlds.

Yasna 51 of the poetic gathas is named Khshatrem vairím “ideal dominion, the desired rule/power.”

“Khshatrem vairím” has become shahrivar in Persian and shahtivar-gaan is the name of this festival in modern Persian.

Khshatrá is manifest in the material sphere in the form of (precious) metals.

It is customary to give the gift of gold or other coins on this feast and is considered auspicious to count money on the days dedicated to Khshathrá. Also Yasna 51 and Yasna 31 of the poetic gathas are recited for the increase of prosperity and riches.

Unlike many other beliefs, in which poverty is viewed as virtuous and godly, Zoroastrianism sees absolutely nothing virtuous or godly about poverty and/or asceticism (See Yasna 47.4, 3rd rhymed verse line and the Vársht-mánßar commentary of the same.)

Instead of being considered virtuous and spiritual, poverty is viewed as mindless suffering and a mis-creation of the evil spirit.

Zoroastrianism teaches that mortal man should, become godlike and exercise a powerful and loving dominion/rule over the material world.

To achieve wealth, be enterprising and industrious is what the poetic gathas and Zoroastrianism clearly teach, (See Yasna 47.4, 3rd and 4th rhymed verse line and the Vársht-mánßar commentary of the same.)

It shall be noted that Zoroastrianism also MANDATES the giving of aid/charity to the virtuous poor. The OBLIGATION to aid the needy ashavan “virtuous, good, righteous,” and to give to charity is called ashö-dád and is greatly emphasized as part of virtuous, spiritual living.

To give donations, gifts, loans, skills or partnerships to the luminous and good (ashö-dád) that will result in the recipient supporting him or herself is the highest form of religious obligation, which must be performed regardless of financial standing, and must even be performed by the less haves.

To have the keys to all the kingdoms of the worlds (khshathrá) means to be enterprising and share godly good fortune with all life.

Happy shahrivar festival


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