The ages of this world and the magnificent vision/wisdom of Mazda

The ages of this world and the magnificent vision/wisdom of Mazda

We read in the poetic gathas: How are the ages (of this world) moving forward in harmony/unison with You Mazda???

Kathá mazdá zarem čarání hačá Khshmat???

(Yasna 44.17, 2nd rhymed verse line. )

Zarem is “age, time, to grow old, ripen, maturity.” Čaráni is “performance of work, accomplishing, moving forward.” Hačá is “unison, harmony, kinship.”

Time is a wave from the all-seeing force of wisdom/vision. There is a hidden, sacred power in things bringing about the concealed powers of the Godhead to unleash.

The seer-will works in the guise of destiny and the mortal man grows toward becoming Immortal and godlike. Everything is guided by a magnificent vision/wisdom.

In all there is the secret presence of the most wonderful force. A higher wisdom seeks to triumph the spirit in the darkness of the night.

The soul seeks the eternal in things, the immortal joy.

Changeless law and dull fixity are not the law of spirit/mind. Man’s destiny is to rise to celestial levels.

Mortal man was born with a spirit/mind to conquer all limitations and claim from Time the wondrous visions of the Spirit.

The wondrous vision of the Spirit is to shape humanity into heroes and gods, to discover splendid new worlds or create better ones anew.

The mundane world must transform itself and become the equal of Heaven or the world must be fashioned anew.

Time is the hammer of the gods that crushes and breaks the evil and imperfections in the mortal’s world.

Mortals think in fragments and miss the whole truth. The splendor of the Sun is not a dream because there is night.

Fate is the seer-will of an All Wise force working in Time. Yes, heroes and gods are few. For few can climb high and unleash the powers of the GOD within. But as the poetic gathas say, the triumph of the spirit and the renewal of the worlds will come to pass through Time, and is Not just an illusion/dream (See Yasna 48.1, 2nd rhymed verse line.)


The above article was inspired by the gathic poetry and sacred verse.

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3 Responses to The ages of this world and the magnificent vision/wisdom of Mazda

  1. Ross Coyle says:

    I wish more people would really give more time to such thinking than to money. One thing at least for sure; they will feel much better, and that in itself should be a sign of something.

  2. zaneta garratt says:

    Beautifull written, very deep, almost poetic and very positive-these lines are filled with hope and harmony

  3. bosnia sarajevo says:

    What are the rules for sleeping at night in zoroastrianism?
    I now it’s forbiden to sleep all night.

    A higher wisdom seeks to triumph the spirit in the darkness of the night 🙂

    I hope to visit IRAN one day,and to experience the nights in the holy land of ZARATHUSTRA.

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