Ameretát, Immortality, Deathlessness, Indestructibility

Ameretát, Immortality, Deathlessness, Indestructibility

July the 25th was the festival of Ameretát “immortality,” “deathlessness,” “indestructibility.” Ameretát is one of the godly virtues/powers or ahúras of Ma(n)zdá, the God of genius, mind-power, vision, imagination and creativity.

Ameretát is about overcoming our inherent limitations. In Zoroastrianism death, decay, aging, deterioration are NOT unavoidable. In fact, Immortality and deathlessness are divine while death and deterioration are characteristic of evil.

Immortality “Ameretát” is an inevitable consequence of evolution and the odyssey of consciousness. It is the destiny of mortal men to go through the evolutionary process and bring the divine to the mundane existence. Ameretát is the transformation of life on earth to life divine. Ameretát is the unleashing of the unknown powers of spirit/mind, a higher consciousness that will transform and empower physical matter forever.

The 5th month of the Zoroastrian calendar is dedicated to Immortality, Deathlessness, Indestructibility, “Ameretát.” In the Zoroastrian tradition ancient trees and plants symbolize Immortality.

Life is endless. It just passes through different phases. This eternal cycle of life is best exemplified by the emerging/springing forth of the plant life from the barren or frozen earth.

Hence, in Zoroastrianism Immortality is symbolized by sacred, ancient trees. Since trees are deeply rooted into the earth, yet their branches reach unto the stars, sunlight and the heavens.

Ameretát has become Amórdád in Persian, but it is commonly MISpronounced as mórdád, “mortality,” “death.”

In the poetic gathas Ameretát “Immortality” comes with haúr-vatát “every healing power” and utyüití “eternal youth.” Let us bring the wondrous power of Immortality from the realm of spirit/mind-power into the dominion of the mundane physical. Thereby transforming this earthly life into a life divine.



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