Response to the statements of Dr. Khosro Khazai Pardis in a letter dated November 2011, to the Parsis and Iranian Zoroastrians

Response to the statements of Dr. Khosro Khazai Pardis in a letter dated November 2011, to the Parsis and Iranian Zoroastrians

Dr. Khosro Khazai states in his letter: In this age of darkness, some of us remembered the golden Zarathustra’s words: “to fight the darkness don’t draw your sword, light a candle”. So, we went to find the light able to fight this deep darkness.

The above statement is NOT from prophet Zarathushtra, but actually are the words of Chinese Philosopher Confucius.

There is NO single reference in the poetic gathas or the entire Zoroastrian lore that can trace the above statement to Prophet Zarathushtra. So to start with, let us quote the words of the ancient Aryan Prophet correctly and accurately and not attribute the quote of others to him.

Furthermore, Dr. Khosro Khazai unequivocally states: that the language and meaning of the poetic gathas were lost/forgotten till Western scholars deciphered them in the 18th century. (Even though for 2000 years you had forgotten its language, you had the wisdom to create a sophisticated writing system to preserve at least the phonetics of these seventeen sacred songs. Finally you brought them with unimaginable sacrifices to the 18th century where their language was deciphered.)

He further adds that but these Western translations were real “fields of ruin” made in the context of linguistic studies, forgetting often their living spiritual massages. These translations had no soul, no life, no beauty until the likes of Dr. Ali Akbar Jafarey entered the gathic field of studies and in essence revealed their true meaning.

Such statements are nothing short of laughable and a true travesty of justice. Such statements are not only grossly inaccurate but are the products of colonial thinking in disguise.

In fact, the poetic gathas have a very ancient tradition of extensive commentary and exegesis that goes back to the ancient Avestan age, as is evidenced by numerous passages in Yasna and Vispered. (Yasna and Visperd are the most ancient parts of the Avesta.) This ancient tradition of exegesis has faithfully reached us via the ancient commentaries of the poetic gathas, and most importantly in the vast volumes of holy denkart.

Their faithfulness and accuracy can be objectively verified by comparative linguistic and religious studies of other ancient Aryan traditions such as Vedic, Old Norse and Gaelic.

Compare to the vague and rambling translations of Mr. ali akbar jafarey and other mutated translations following his footsteps; the ancient commentaries of the poetic gathas; show extreme depth, accuracy, faithfulness and originality. Above all, the ancient commentaries can be substantiated and are not outright inventions.

The “gatha cult” promoted in a seemingly flattering language by Dr Khazai has first of all NOTHING TO DO with the real poetic gathas, and in all reality is nothing more than a cult of self-worship and mechanical pseudo-science using only gathic terminology and labels with extremely flawed logic.

To say that Zoroastrianism has no historical philosophical tradition, till Westerners first deciphered it in the 18th century and more importantly till the likes of mr. ali akbar jafarey truly discovered their meaning; defies basic logic, sound reasoning and goes against all the evidence.

Such hollow talk gives license to the likes of mr. alexnader bard to spew the following words on or about January 8, 2010: “We, or rather Western scholars compiled The Gathas, and chose to attrubute these texts to Zarathushtra.”

Any philosophy or school of thought grows only when it has rules and structure. Gatha cultists erroneously advocate; no do’s and don’t’s, dislike of rituals, an anything goes approach and a mechanical worldview based on pseudo-science and faux reasoning.

I should emphasize that the above positions of the gatha cultists have nothing to do with the real poetic gathas and reflect only the ideals of the boomer generation of the 50’s and not the ancient wisdom of the Aryan prophet Zarathushtra.

 Let me conclude by saying: Please read between the lines and do not buy into empty sweet talk, no matter how beautifully worded.



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4 Responses to Response to the statements of Dr. Khosro Khazai Pardis in a letter dated November 2011, to the Parsis and Iranian Zoroastrians

  1. Mazdayasnian says:

    you left nothing to say.
    I’d add that it’s a proof that the Good Religion is full of truth and a weapon against the daevas, since, if it was of no danger against Ahriman, why would those people persevere against it, prosecuting and trying to persecute it, when we were leaving our own, tranquil lives of traditionalists. They advertise the faith, they have money and use it against the Tradition’s strength. Why? Because they know that the Good Religion is true and they need to hide it with their lies.
    If it wasn’t true, they wouldn’t care, they would have left the Religion of the Yazads alone and make a new cult or be atheists on their own.

    Also dear Ardeshir, I noticed a great contradiction in Khosro Khazai’s discourse: he says pre-Islamic Iran was a great and free country, where women could become leaders etc. and somewhere else he says Sassanians made a religion out of Ashu Zarathushtra, which lead to their fall. How can they be so good and so bad at the same time?


    a faithful Mazdayasnian.

  2. Roj Dilan Dasuk says:

    “Ibn Khaloun, the historian of 14th century reports that during the Moslem Arab invasion of Iran, in 7th century, “Omar the second Caliph of Islam had ordered to burn all the Zoroastrian books; and the daily huge fire could warm up for six months the water of all the reservoirs of public bath in Persia! ”

    Ibn Khaldoon wrote about the Library of Alexandaria.

  3. Shirin J Mistry says:

    Delighted to find some others who have seen through these Gaths Alone cultists and their lies. As one wise woman has recently asked, where did those candles come from 3500 years ago from? How can anybody trust those who have been caught out in lies, over and over again – lies about themselves, lies about our scriptures, lies about their inclinations? If they were such good Zoroastrians, would they be so ahrimanic? Their ethics and morality show us all exactly what they truly are! Disgusting!

    I sincerely thank all those who reveal the truth about these enemies of classical Zoroastrianism.

  4. Shirin J. Mistry says:

    Thank you for revealing the obnoxious ways of these ahrimanic pretenders!   I am forwarding this to several sites that I belong to – let the world get enlightened not only about the truth about Zoroastrianism but also about the falsehoods being perpetrated upon it!   Please keep up the good work! It is much appreciated.   Thanking you, sincerely, Shirin J Mistry


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