Armaiti, the Perfect Contemplation, the Genius of Earth

The declaration of faith for the Zoroastrians is contained in Yasna 12. There are 72 Yasnas or adorations and they constitute the holiest part of the “Avesta” or the book of unknown wisdom.We read in Yasna 12.2; “We have intelligently chosen the “Spenta Armaiti” for ourselves, may she be ours.”

This verse is a repetition of a line from a verse in the “Gathas” or the enchanting charms of the ancient sage Zarathushtra. We read in the Gathas concerning Armaiti, that the Supreme Godhead has made her/Armaiti all seeing and gifted her with all the foresight and vision concerning the conclusion of things. According to the enchanting songs, Armaiti has been endowed with all the vision and manifesting power of the divine force.
But what is armaiti??? It is one of the divine intelligences and part of the self/being of the Supreme Godhead, Ahura Mazda. Armaiti is one of the virtues and attributes of God and among the highest archangels and spiritual/mental energies. Ar-maiti means “perfect contemplation” (bundak manishni) and is related to the modern persian “aramesh.” She is the feminine aspect of the Force, a divine concept of blissful peace and creative calm.
“Spenta Ar-maiti,” Auspicious or blissful Ar-maiti is the perfect silence of contemplation which widens to the highest consciousness. According to Yasna 21.2, Ar-maiti is the first whom in her perfect peace and silence, the resplendent glory of the divine rays are manifested. She is the Supreme Peace, All- Mastery upon earth with perfect manifestation as her crowning.
See, most of us live projected lives, on the surface of our beings, we are cut in the vibrations of the forces which move in the outside world. When we meet unpleasant vibrations we become similarly upset and agitated and thus support such negative energies by our reciprocation.
The wisdom of Ar-maiti is to step back. It is about never deciding a thing, or saying a word, or throwing ourselves into action without stepping back and finding our inner power, balance, peace. We can not find an answer to any problem before being peaceful and calming our mind. I can not recall exactly, but while back, i was reading about a great chemist who found the formula and solution to his problem while he was sleeping, when his thoughts were clam. Only when the mind is still, like clear, motionless and pristine waters, and in perfect purity and peace of contemplation we can find answers and right solutions. In Ar-maiti originates all activities and becomings(Yasna 44.10 & Yasna 47.2,) and from her silence, all wise words are born (Yasna 47.6.) In the Zoroastrian tradition the “ham-kars” or co-workers of Ar-maiti are: waters, vision, spiritual riches and effective words or manthras.
It is important to mention that Ar-maiti is NOT about being inert and passive and doing nothing, quiet to the contrary. According to Yasna 47.1, she/armaiti is an immense force, an ahuric or boundless, positive energy. She is the calm power of perfect contemplation to face the adverse waves and negative energies that rush from the outside environment to disturb our balance and inner-might. Perfect concentration/calm is a great sign of force and belongs to the strong. It is only the weak that are agitated and are cut in the vicious cycle of negative vibrations.
In the Zoroastrian religion, Armaiti besides being the spiritual energy (minoo) behind perfect concentration and calm, is also the genius of earth. But how is her connection with the earth can be explained??? See, multitudes can be saved from catastrophes by one single person keeping calm and centered. But this calm can not be somewhere very high and leave our physical presence to its usual reaction. If we say: “Let God will be done” while our physical being shivers with fear, agitation and all sort of negative energies, we will perish all the same. The thing is to keep the calm in the very cells of our earthly body and be full of the divine peace right here in the physical plane. In that case, we can not only ward off the negative vibrations of mortal men, but can very well affect and influence beasts and natural elements. The thing is we live in world of energies and vibrations, and energies are contagious and affect their surrounding according to their very disposition. I was reading the fascinating account of this great indian sage of the 20th century. Apparently there was a great storm one night, and when they found the sage, he was sitting calmly in his study, writing a book. His immediate surroundings, his study /room was not at all affected by all the rain and and ferocious wind since he has created a very powerful calm that affected and influenced his surrounding energies.
I like to conclude this by a passage from the holy dinkard, 4th Book.26:
The Creator Ahura Mazda for the maintenance of His Force gave being to the increase-giving, auspicious Spenta armaiti of perfect contemplation, the fifth among his inner-selves. This is the begetting power(Yasna 45.4) for creating spiritual and earthly creation in the worlds. Through Spenta armaiti is the strength of the earthly body, the sense of feeling, courage and every kind of foresight(Yasna 48.5). Man aspires God and possesses His glory on account of the presence in him of thought, word, and deed which makes him perfectly calm and contemplative. For in peaceful men is the lodgment of the Yazatas(adorable beings/angels) for the complete recompense of virtue; and the presence of the Yazatas(adorable beings/angels) vanishes from among mortals on account of their connection with agitation. Moreover in men is the relation of exalting foresight and five other substances (life, soul, intellect, conscience, and guarding spirit/Yasna 26 and Yasna 23) whose names are mentioned in religion.

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