The Magic Fire and the Final Fiery Trial by Molten Metal in ancient Zoroastrianism

In Norse mythology, Ragnarök (Fate of the Reigning-Gods) is the cataclysmic, final battle between the forces of order and those of chaos. Ragnarök marks the pivotal event that ends the nine realms/worlds of Norse Cosmology. All the nine realms/worlds will be set on fire. The world tree Yggdrasil will shake violently. However, from the fiery trial and destruction of the old, a new age of invincible gods and men emerges. 

In Zoroastrian eschatology, at the time of frašö-kart (the splendid, fresh recreation of the worlds) the material manifestation will go through a fiery trial with molten metal that will birth a new age of eternal spring and growth.

We read in the ancient Varšt-mánsar commentary of Yasna 51.9 of the poetic songs/gathas: “About the formation, fashioning (pasákhtan) of a future body (tanü-î-passîn) and new, splendid material universe through fire and melted ore (ásin vidákht.) 

In the cataclysmic events of the Zoroastrian eschatology, the earth and mortals must go through a fiery trial of molten metal. The alchemy of the creative energies will purge, purify, transform and birth an invincible age of Immortals and Eternal Progress. 

The term for this alchemical transformation of all the material manifestation through molten ore and fire is aiiaŋhá kšustá in the poetic songs/gathas of Zarathustra (See Yasna 51.9, 2nd rhymed verse line.) 

Old Avestan aiiaŋhá comes from the root aiiah (ore, metal, iron) and is a cognate with Persian áhan (iron,) Latin aes (ore,) Gothic aiz (metal coin.) The reconstructed Indo-European root is h2-ei-os (copper/iron,) that comes from *h2ei “to shine, burn.” 

Old Avestan kšustá is a cognate of Persian šustan “to wash, cleanse,” and Old Church Slavonic ksoudó and/or khsoudû. The reconstructed Indo-European root is kwseud. 

We read in the Varšt-mánsar commentary of Yasna 36.2: Of the great, magnificent work (mas kár) that will prepare/fashion the new body that will come to pass (tanü-î-passîn,) and that will make the creation pure, and uniquely special (dám avéžag) will be forged through fire. 

To better understand the alchemy of creative energies and transformation of the worlds through fire, it must be emphasized that in Zoroastrianism, the primeval material creation was fashioned splendidly but despite all its marvels was vulnerable. The diabolic forces saw this earliest creation from their discarded, parallel universe and envied all its marvels, beauties and perfections. Right after, they set out to assail and corrupt this pristine material realm with their blemishes, flaws and defects. Thus, this earliest material manifestation was contaminated and became diseased through invasion from a contorted parallel dimension. 

The Wise, Mindful Lord, Ahûrá Mazdá devised a master plan to overcome all the “blemishes and shortcomings” by trapping all the “evil and flaws” in time dimension. Thus, all monstrosity and evil got trapped in cycles of time and wisdom of the ages. And this was the most perfect way to undo “evil and spoil” for all eternity and give the material universe invincibility and the power to progress and increase forever. 

At the time of Faršö-kart, the spoil and mar caused in the primeval material manifestation by the giver of all blemishes, the accursed ahriman is permanently and decisively removed. The distorted, parallel universe of the doomed demons is melted away and cast into a fiery river of molten ore. 

I shall conclude with the most beautiful Varšt-mánsar commentary of Yasna 32.16: “When the garb of life is put back into the body, and molten ore fills the land, there will be no vengeance for the fellowship of order/truth but there will be vengeance for the deceitful liar. I, who am the Mindful, Wise Lord will set out the splendid, fresh, new creation of the worlds. The worlds of life will be forever thriving and healthy (dravîst.) never again sick or imperfect (vîmár!) Deathless, from now to all eternity, with all outcomes in plain sight, by the powers of my dominion and godhood, will never again decay or die, this physical world of order/truth.” 


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