yeŋhæ-hátám, Hallow the Immortals

According to the varšt-mánsar ancient commentary, yeŋhæ-hátám is about the words of Ahûrá Mazdá to Zarathustra of the Spitaman (white) Clan: ‘ Utter the hallowed words of prayer for us who are the Brilliant, Auspicious Immortals, since you have hallowed the waters, and plants, since you have hallowed the excellent, virtuous, prototypes, and what has been established/created in the realm of the “spirit/ideas/mind” as well as the physical creation. 

Thus spoke Zarathustra: I will utter the words of Ahûrá Mazdá that are against harm, and suffering, the good judgment/law of the Ahûrás, words that hallow, and are prayer to the Brilliant, Auspicious Immortals, (In the original hátám “those who are,” refers to the “Brilliant, Auspicious Immortals” of the supreme god Ahûrá Mazdá.) 

The word “hallow” is “yaz” in the original Avetsan, a cognate of Greek házomai, hágios “purify, honor as holy.” The idea of worship in Zoroastrianism is “invocation of the pristine Godhood, and restoration of the worshipper to pristine vigor and health.” 



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