Nauvrooz and Spring Equinox of 2020

We read in the the 27th chapter of Bün-dahishn, literally “the basis of Creation/Establishing of the Worlds,” that for each day of the month there is a flower that is appropriate for Ahûrá Mazda, and one of his Auspicious Immortals.  The list names the white jasmine as the flower for Vohü Manö, “Good Mind, Prosperous thinking,” and Jasmine flower as Öhrmazd‘s very own designated flower. The list continues for each of the  Immortals. This beautiful rite of worship reminds us that we shall invoke the powers of growth, renewal, life, and spring into our lives everyday. The most beautiful and holiest of Zoroastrian sacred holidays is the Spring Equinox. Nauv Rouz, “New Light or New Day” refers to first dawn after Vernal Equinox that signifies the triumph of life giving powers, victory of the spirit of the sun, and the boundless lights manifested in verdure and growth. For Zoroastrians the celebration of spring equinox signals the victorious coming of an eternal age of Immortals, an age of boundless growth and life giving powers, an everlasting spring without end, that will make the creation and the worlds splendid and newly fresh forever, “ frashö-kart.” But among the first rites to prepare for Nauvrooz is a thorough House Cleaning and a Personal Pätat or “going back or return” to Ahûrá Mazda and his Immortals. Our souls, homes, and lives must first be purified and cleaned before the life giving powers of life and the Gods can prosper and bless us. This Spring Equinox of 2020, the world entire is going through an unprecedented tribulation, the likes of which the history has not seen before. May this trying times be an opportunity to purify and cleanse our lives and the world, may healing come with triumph, victory and purity for all the good across the seven climes of this good earth. Ardeshir

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