Bahram Rój

The 20th day of the month in the Zoroastrian calendar is a very special day; a day dedicated to the adorable yazataa of  Victory; Bahrám or Vahrám, from the Avestan Verethrem-já . The principal feature of Vahrám is to strike down shackles, remove obstacles/impediments , overcome difficulties and be Victorious. Vahrám presides over  triumph and victory, and does so through learning and delighted discovery, See the 2nd line of Yasna 44.16.

You can’t beat the magic of this day. This is a day of hope, heartfelt prayers, petitions and pleas… family and togetherness . This day more than  any other day signals the arrival of happier times, good fortune and better tidings. This is the day to seek, to ask, to aspire, for the key to good fortune and triumph lies hidden in the pure, aspiring heart.

Those of the ancient religion make their pilgrimages to their beloved “shaw vahram” fires on this day. There is something mesmerizing about the leaping flames, they take within them all the aspirations, longings and unspoken prayers of the seeker. The burning fire,  the perfume of incense, the sound of Avestan chants, hymns to the yazataa of victory, the many  worshippers, the lighted candles, the smell of flowers, the holy water, all reach out to the angels above.  At the appointed time of aiwi-srú-them; when the moon and the stars come out, no electricity is allowed at this night, only the burning candles and the aspiring flames.

Even if a prayer is not answered, a dreamer finds his or her dream on this day and night, hope and calm. You see and you feel in ur heart, that all is not  lost as yet, that the shadow is only a passing thing and is not forever, that the nature of our difficulties indicate the measure of our triumph and victory, that the future is ours.


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  1. zaneta garratt says:

    this is a very beautiful and hopeful text, thanks so much

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