Andarz í Pöúryö-tkäshán: Counsels of the First or Foremost Sages/Teachers, also known as ‘The Book of Counsel/Pand-námä of Zartósht’

The date of this Pahlavi text is uncertain. However, it is a beautiful and concise summary of the orthodox Zoroastrian doctrine. The work is COMPILED FROM VARIOUS ANCIENT COMMENTARIES/PASSAGES OF THE POETIC GATHAS OF THE PROPHET. I have divided it into 3 articles, and tried to add middle iranian or pahlavani/pahlavi equivalent  of the key concepts.
(1) Now it is the beautiful religion of the Mazdyasna that explores/discovers, makes things easily comprehensible, and mediates/intervenes (miyan-ji) by means of wisdom, and brings enlightenment.
(2)So this must one know without venturing to doubt: “I have come from the unseen world of the spirit/mind (minoo/ménök), nor was I (always) of this terrestrial world (gätik). I belong to Ahúrmazd, the GD of vision, wisdom and realization; not to Ahriman, the afflicted, dull spirit of frustration. I belong to the adorable angels/godly virtues (Yazatás), not to the deceitful demons (Dävs), to the good, not to the wicked. I am a man, not a demon, a creature of Ahúrmazd, not of Ahriman. My stock and lineage is from (the living mortal) Gayómard. My mother is Speñtarmaiti, (the archangel of calmness and earth), and my father is Ahúrmazd, the celestial wise lord of the sky. My humanity is from Mashye and Mashyane who were the first seed and offspring of Gayómard.
(3) To perform my function and to do my duty means that I should believe that Ahúrmazd IS (hastí), WHICH HAS ALWAYS BEEN (hamé bütí), and WILL ALWAYS BE (hamé bávetí), that his Kingdom is INDESTRUCTIBLE, and that he is WITHOUT LIMITATION and is PURE ABILITY; and that Ahriman IS NOT (nístí), and IS WITHOUT BEING (avín bütí); that I myself belong to Ahúrmazd and his Auspicious Immortals {Amesha Speñtas}, and that I have no connection with the afflicted, dull Ahriman, the deceitful demons, and their associates.
(4) My first work on earth is to confess the Beautiful Religion, to practice it, and to take part in its joyous celebration and to be steadfast in it, to keep the Faith in the Beautiful Religion of the worshipers of the GD of wisdom and vision/Ahúrmazd ever in my mind, and to distinguish success/happy outcome (svüd) from loss, harm from industrious works, goodness from evil, light from darkness, and the worship of the Brilliant Ahúrmazd from the worship of the dull demons.
(5) My second work is to take a spouse and to procreate earthly offspring, and to be strenuous and steadfast in this.
(6) My third work is to cultivate and till the land;
(7) my fourth to treat all harmless/peaceful animals kindly and with benevolence;
(8) my fifth to spend a third of my days and nights in attending the seminary and consulting the wisdom of the wise,
to spend a third of my days and nights in tilling the land and in making it fruitful,
and to spend (the remaining) third of my days and nights in eating, rest, and sexual enjoyment.
(9) I must have no doubt but that success/good fortune arises from works of industry, and loss from injury, that my friend is Ahúrmazd, the GD of Genius and Brilliance, and my enemy is the frustrated Ahriman, and that there is only one way.
(10) (This) one way (is that) of good thoughts, good words, and good deeds, (the way of) Heaven, of light and of purity, of the genius Creator WITHOUT LIMITATION, Ahúrmazd; who was always and will ever be.
(11) (There is also) the other way of evil thoughts, evil words, and evil deeds, (the way of) darkness, and of the LIMITATION/FRUSTRATION, utter misery, death, and wickedness which belong to the afflicted, dull Spirit Ahriman; who once was not in this creation, and again will not be in the creation of Ahúrmazd, and who in the end will be destroyed.
(12) I must have no doubt but that there are TWO first principles, one the principal of REALIZATION and the other the principal of FRUSTRATION.
(13) The Creator is Ahúrmazd who is all goodness, manifestation and light;
(14) and the ENEMY is the afflicted and beaten Spirit of FRUSTRAION, ahriman who is all wickedness and full of death, a liar and a deceiver.
(15) Equally I must have no doubt that all men are mortal except only Saöshyáns/the final savior and the seven scholar rulers (who help him).
(16) I must have no doubt but that the life-force (jaan) will be severed (from the body of flesh) and that the body (itself) will be dissolved. (Nor may I doubt) the three nights of judgment (of the soul at death), the raising of the dead, the Future Body of Light, the crossing at the Bridge of Illumination (“chinvatö perethö” or the bridge of clarity, illumination. the first part comes from the root ci/knowledge of something, to separate one thing from another, to distinguish.  Compare with O.French. science, from L. scientia “knowledge,” of scire “to know,” originally “,”to cut, divide.” “perethö” is bridge,  Ger. Brücke. ); the coming of the Saöshyáns/the final savior, the raising of the dead and the Final Body of luminosity.
(17) I must (further) observe what is honorable (pahlavi erih, german ehre, english honor) and the teachings of the Ancients, and (I must) preserve my thoughts in virtue, my tongue in truth, and my hands in doing what is good and excellent.
(18) With all the good I must act honorably
(19) Peace, harmony and concord in all good deeds I do.
(20) In my dealings, (I must) always behave according to justice and the dictates of the Beautiful Religion.
(21) With whomsoever it may be, in past, present, and future time, I must act in virtue and in accord with justice and decency (ham-datastan).
(22) Good deeds performed for the sake of the wondrous truth of Ahúrmazd are of a higher value than those performed for one’s own sake, and by them is getaway from confinment/limitation and welfare most assured.


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  1. zaneta garratt says:

    Very interesting, I love this text, it covers very much in Zoroastrain beliefs and way of life

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