The Buddhist, Vedantic and Zoroastrian Conceptions of the World

1. In Buddhism the world is an illusion, a field of suffering due to ignorance. The one and right thing to do is to to get out of this delusion as soon as possible and to dissolve into the original ineffable world, beyond existence and non-existence, beyond manifestation and non manifestation.

2. The Vedantic or the world view of the mystical commentaries of the vedas, known also as Upanishads; is that the world is essentially divine/progressive, for the divine, light, and joy is omnipresent in the world.

But according to vedanta the exterior expression of the universe has become distorted, ignorant, perverted and obscure. The right thing to do is to become conscious of the inner Divine, the inner knowledge, the inner beauty, harmony and greatness and remain fixed in that inner knowledge and beauty, consciousness and bliss without troubling about the world of phenomenas.

For this external world of appearances CAN NOT change and will always be in its natural state of unconsciousness and distortion.

3. The Zoroastrian or the Mazdyasni view is that the world as it is, is not the divine manifestation it was meant to be, but an obscure and faint expression of it.

But the world/universe is meant to and will BECOME an expression of light, knowledge, joy, progress, and all the new and unknown splendors and wonders that HAVE TO BE REALIZED. The universe has been created to DEVELOP into a perfect manifestation of superb knowledge, spiritual light and all forms and aspects of what is divine and awesome.

According to Yasna 29.6 and the ancient exegesis of the same, there is one true task for which we are born; to change the earthly life into life divine and realize all the new and unknown horizons and marvels that have to be discovered.

All that the spirit has dreamed, we can create. We are the force by which God made the world. In us is the vision, will and voice of the GODHEAD. For we can hear the divine voice in the melodious chants of our deepest aspirations/desires, capable of seeing through the mask of the secret Spirit in things, feeling the stir of the growing Godhead (Yasna 33.12,) and realizing the wonderful vision.

Humanity must rise upon a ladder of great worlds to infinity, ascend into the timeless SELF and discover the truth of GOD, WORLD and MAN, and stamp his will on time and space.

Per the three powerful, beginning words of Yasna 27.13; CHOOSE SPIRIT, “The spirit shall look out through Matter’s gaze and Matter shall reveal the Spirit’s face.” For God has yoked us to his incredible power of work in Time (Yasna 49.9.) We shall raise the earth soul to LIGHT and bring down awesome divine to the lives of mortal man (second line of Yasna 29.3 per varshtmansar commentary.)

Spirit gazes (daäná) upon destiny, Over the wide expanses of the universe broods infinite new horizons and triumphant cries of awesome, new discoveries.


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